Welcome to snowboard.ie

Well the 2009-2010 ski season is over and we now we are ready to launch snowboard.ie . We are really excited to be able to bring you snowboard news & tips as well as information on where are the best places to snowboard in the world. We are a little sister website from Ireland’s #1 skiing website, skiing.ie.

There is a certain level of crossover between skiing and snowboarding, but we will do our best to keep the topics separated.  Things like equipment care are of course similar, and these topics will be posted on the main website.

Your input

We really welcome your input, be it on the snowboard forum or you submitting your news or writing for us. We are always looking for talented writers to submit reviews of resorts or equipment. Right now our budget for paying for guest writers is on the low end, but if when we start to review equipment we will take care of our own !

If you feel passionate about snowboarding and would like to share some tips or insights please do get in contact, as we would love to talk to you. Of course you are not obliged to participate, but it’s our goal to create an active and vibrant community of Irish Snowboarders.

To finish

So that’s the introduction to our website, and we would like to finish our first post as we mean to continue, on a light note : Here is a nice use of snowboard bindings.