Snowboard Trick Library

This great resource for snowboard tricks from the New York Times has been created after the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Featuring over 20 tricks from various snowboarders there is certainly something all enhuastic and adventurous snowboarders can learn. Some of the tricks include :

  • Allie-oop Mc Twist by Jeff Batchelor
  • Air to Fakey by Torah Bright
  • Backside 540 Mute Grab by Kelly Clark
  • Switch double backflip by Luke Mitrani

Some of the snowboard tricks videos come with commentaries from the athletes who talk you true the movements as you do the trick. When learning how to do tricks, the hard part is to know what to do with your body and when. During all moves it’s necessary to shift your weight forward / backward and also to torque (turn or swing) your body. Having the commentaries from the athletes really helps as they will explain what your body should be doing at different stages of your trick.

Having a friend video you while doing tricks is also a great way to see your mistakes. The first few times (or more) you try a trick it’s likely that you will not be able to pull it off. So being able to do a review, and to think about what you have done wrong, before attempting another go is a really great tool. This is what the professional guys do, but they tend to have multiple cameras so they can see things from a few different angles. But for beginners any additional information you can get is always a bonus.

Submit your Tricks

They also want to see your tricks, and there is also a section where you can get your own video featured on the website. So for all of you budding snowboarders out there this is a great way to get your name out there. There is details on the site as to what you shoudl do.  The quality of the tricks are pretty basic, but right now there is only 8 readers videos up there. Here is one of a Nose Press – Tail Tap – NosePress performed on a rail.

If you have any tricks you’ve done yourself and you have uploaded them to yourtube, feel free to add them in below in the comment box. We would love to know what Irish snowboarders are attempting on their trips to the snow !