Dogs Snowboarding

How tough is snowboarding ?

Snowboarding can’t be that difficult if dogs can learn how to do it, right ?

Well have a look at these crazy dogs who have been trained to run after and jump on snowboards. It’s really quite cool. One of the dogs Lyle even uses a hind paw to push himself.
I did notice that these bulldogs are even smart enough to stand on the boards when they are going up the slope on the magic carpet.

More Great Snowboard

This video was created by the guys from Mountain High resort, who are in Wrightwood, in Southern California. Check out their other videos on Here is another video of theirs we love.

April Powder II from Mountain High Resort on Vimeo.

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  1. That is awesome! It must take a lot of time (and treats) to train dogs to snowboard like that.

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