adidas Snowboarding

Today we came across a great offering from adidas Snowboarding. They’ve just launched their new sub-website for snowboarders, It seems be be a promotion for a new snowboarding video coming from Jake Blauvelt who’s a boarder with Oakley. The movie has been made over 2 years in association with adidas & Oakley, and it’s called Naturally. Adidas are also promoting their new range of snow boots, sadly not snowboard boots, on the same page. Check out the trailer below.

Naturally 2013 Trailer

Naturally Episode 1

There seems to be another video from Jake, from 2011, have a look for a brilliant mix of great shots of scenery and snowboarding skill.

Updated 2014 : it seems no longer linked with adidas, so we are not 100% sure what hapened there.