Preparing your snowboard

Because sometimes a long lengthy article isn’t enough, this time we are showing you some of our favourite videos that deal with preparing your snowboard for the upcoming season. This series of 3 videosĀ, that cover

  • detuning contact points – where you take a file to fix the top and bottom edges of your snowboard. Then using a diamond stone you will take off the burrs that were created by the file. You start with the base edge when removing the burrs, and then do the side. Finally you use a gummy stone will remove the those remain fine burrs. This will lead to the perfect edge for turning on.
  • P-tex repairs – here you will need a source of heat, like a propane torch to melt the P-tek. Some types of P-tek (also called Candlewax) can also be melted with a match. P-tek is used for filling the deeper scrapes on your board. One tip we weren’t aware of is that after you add the pTek, you should leave it to settle for 20 minutes to bond completely with the board. Once it’s bonded you can scrape of the excess and sand it down before waxing. In the video he uses a razor blade to scrape off some of the P-tek. If you keep it at a 45 degree angle you won’t destroy the base.
  • Hot Wax – how to hot wax your snowboard. One expert tip from the video is that you should take your bindings off before you start to wax the board. The binding, when they are screwed in, tend to add a bulge or lift on the board where the screws are. Before you wax you should remove any areas of build up wax, these tend to happen around the nose/tip of your board. When using an iron on your board, make sure you keep that iron moving !

If you are serious about snowboarding you should consider getting a repair kit, as it will pay for itself in one or two uses. You can find kits like the one below on Amazon or Ebay.

Detuning your snowboard contact points

Using P-tek to big fill holes

Hot waxing your snowboard

Snowboard repair in Ireland

Here is a list of companies that we know do snowboard repair in Ireland

If you have any tips for preparation for the season, please let us know in the comments !