Pimping your snowboard

We’ve seen a few of these home DIY jobs to make your snowboard appear cooler, like custom spray paint jobs, teddys stuck to the top of the deck, etc. But this is one snowboard modification that we could probably get behind. Here is something to use for when you are snowboarding at night, LEDs on the edges. These lights are located at the top of the board, so don’t worry about not being able to use your edges for turning and braking.

This product is available from 45lights.com, which will cost a cool $50 for these strips of lights. It was created by two teenagers who thought it would be cool to have a bit more light on their snowboards when doing night time runs. These lights could also be used  as a safety device too, for example alerting people that you are a beginner, and that you should given plenty of room.


Light my board

There are a few other companies that have similar products, like this one from lightmyboard.com. Which cost $30 for a set. But for LEDs we do think this is a bit on the high side.

Buy on Amazon

We saw this item on Amazon, GrayBean 9ft Blue Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire . Available for about €10, that you could probably attach to your board quite quickly yourself. 

Thanks to reddit for pointing out this one to us !