Sedrun – snowboard park

Resort: – Switzerland

Asking for directions to Sedrun often you’ll hear something particularly strange, ‘The Park, oh that’s just past the Palm Tree on the left’. The Tegia Gronda Snowpark has fine examples of what you’d expect to find in a snowboard park. Resting at about 2200m high then 950m long park has jobs, rails, a half pipe, and a lot more. Their Half pipe is a so called ‘midi halfpipe’, which is a bit shallower. The south facing park catches the suns rays for most of the day, just perfect for taking videos of your next big jump !
Right beside the park is a chill lounge for relaxing, and if you are nice they might even allow you connect your iPod / iPhone to their sound system. You can get refreshing hot and cold drinks at Tegia dil Nurser.

The highlight for us is the 800m long boardercross course which will test your strength and balance to the max.

Our Tip : More information on the boarder cross can be found at