1. Sedrun – snowboard park

Resort: www.SkiArena.ch – Switzerland Asking for directions to Sedrun often you’ll hear something particularly strange, ‘The Park, oh that’s just past the Palm Tree on the left’. The Tegia Gronda Snowpark has fine examples of what you’d expect to find in a snowboard park. Resting at about 2200m high then 950m long park has jobs, […]

2. Snowboard Park – Saas Fe

Resort : www.saas-fee.ch Saas-Fe, in Switzerland is one of Europe’s Top Snowboard parks. In fact some people say it’s where freestyle in Europe first developed. Saas-Fe has 3 individual snowboard parks, so there are plenty of pipes, rails & jumps for even the most experiences snowboarder. Saas-Fe also features a 100m long Super (1/2) pipe.

3. Alpine snowboarding Russian Style

Russians are known for being passionate about what they do, and when it comes to alpine or carving snowboarding, this fact doesn’t change. This video below of the Russian Extremecarving Slalom competition 2013, where the snowboarders have to go under obstacles while slaloming down the slope. These folks get so close to the slope they are almost hugging the piste, literally showing their love for the piste.

10. Video about Seamus O’Connor

We mentioned recently about Seamus O’Connor and his goal of representing Ireland at the 2014 Olympics in Russia. And there is a project at KickStarter.com, called Lucky Enough, where they are looking for sponsors for a video project. KickStarter.com is a website that micro-finances projects, for anything like books, physical products, websites to videos. So […]

11. Irish snowboard sensation

From our snowboard forum, we have learned about a US born, Irish citizen, Seamus O’Connor, who is starting to cause a stirr on the snowboarding world. He’s currently 13, and aiming to go to the Winter Olympics in 2014, to represent Ireland. Seamus’s grandparents were born in Ireland, and his father grew up in England, […]

12. The Art of FLIGHT

We are always on the look out for exciting and interesting snowboard videos. Thankfully the internet is littered with great videos, so you don’t really have to search too much find videos of people doing jumps over obstacles, turns & flips in the air or just being 1 with the snow. Below is one such […]

19. Welcome to snowboard.ie

Well the 2009-2010 ski season is over and we now we are ready to launch snowboard.ie . We are really excited to be able to bring you snowboard news & tips as well as information on where are the best places to snowboard in the world. We are a little sister website from Ireland’s #1 […]