3. Irish snowboard sensation

From our snowboard forum, we have learned about a US born, Irish citizen, Seamus O’Connor, who is starting to cause a stirr on the snowboarding world. He’s currently 13, and aiming to go to the Winter Olympics in 2014, to represent Ireland. Seamus’s grandparents were born in Ireland, and his father grew up in England, […]

4. The Art of FLIGHT

We are always on the look out for exciting and interesting snowboard videos. Thankfully the internet is littered with great videos, so you don’t really have to search too much find videos of people doing jumps over obstacles, turns & flips in the air or just being 1 with the snow. Below is one such […]

6. Welcome to snowboard.ie

Well the 2009-2010 ski season is over and we now we are ready to launch snowboard.ie . We are really excited to be able to bring you snowboard news & tips as well as information on where are the best places to snowboard in the world. We are a little sister website from Ireland’s #1 […]