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Find out what size snowboard suits you best, by putting in your details below. Having the right sized snowboard will insure that you learn quickly and you will be as safe as possible on your board. Boards that are too big can be awkward to steer and won’t be as responsive as you would wish. Boards that are too small also can be dangerous as they may not be tested for carrying someone your height and weight.

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Types of snowboarding

Depending on your type of snowboarding, freestyle, free ride or off piste, you may want to pick a slightly shorter or longer board. For Freestyle more flexible boards are preferred, as the flexibility helps you on half pipes and other obstacles. Generally, the more advanced you are the more rigid your board can be. We recommend you read our post on types of snowboards, where you will learn a little bit more about the subtle differences.

Buying a snowboard

When you are buying a snowboard you should also consider if it will be wide enough for you. People who have large show sizes (size 10+ British / 44+ EU) should consider getting a wider snowboard. This will help you to avoid getting your toes stuck in the snow when doing a frontside turn, which can turn out quite nasty. Many of the longer boards from Burton, Nitro, Salomon offer wider boards. Sometimes they have the boards in both a normal and wide offering, so make sure you check.

If you are a first time buyer of a board we recommend you buy it at a shop, where they can bring you through all the stages. Understanding your size of a board is just one step in picking the best snowboard. Buying off websites like ebay can be full of danger. You risk getting a board that may be of inferior quality (poorly made edges, heavier, cheaper materials) and may not last you as long. Be careful when searching for a bargain. One way to save money when buying a board is to look for last years stock. This is typically a lot cheaper, and goes on sale right at the end of season. If you can try to avoid buying at shops on the slopes, or in the middle of the season. Some shops also sell their test boards, or ex-rental boards, and these can be had for some serious discounts. There are bargains to be had, but you just need to be smart when shopping. As a price guide, you should expect to pay at least €200 for a good quality new snowboard.

Other snowboard points

Other things to consider include when buying your board are what type of bindings do you need. Not every type of binding will work on every board, so make sure first. Also the angle that the bindings are set is also important, for beginners they should be almost perpendicular to the board, with the leading foot facing slightly more forward. As you progress you will be able to point both feet that little bit more forward, this aids with speed and turning as you go down the slope.

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